The lesser of two evils?

Student Association President Huda Scheidelman should not be impeached because her blunders do not outweigh the blunders of the entire SA.

Scheidelman’s fate is expected to be decided Sunday. People wanting to kick her out maintain she acted unconstitutionally when the executive board permitted an admission price for the Louis Farrakhan lecture without senate approval.

Critics also maintain Scheidelman is incompetent when dealing with the DeKalb City Council and has not done enough for NIU students on a state-wide level.

It’s all true. However, it’s not enough to throw Scheidelman out of office because the SA as a whole has not made any notable efforts in any of areas either.

Two other people made the Farrakhan decision with Scheidelman. There is no question the ball was muffed from the beginning, but it’s not enough to spearhead her presidential demise.

Scheidelman also is ultimately responsible for fumbling the ball with the city council. But again, the entire SA has not acted effectively enough to have a real gripe against her.

It seems senators drooling at the sight of Scheidelman’s head on a platter are looking past the logs in their eyes to pluck out the splinter in hers.

The entire senate is to blame for any and all foul-ups that have taken place since August. Period.

Of course some SA members try to represent their constituents properly. Unfortunately, the group cannot be judged on the good intentions and effectiveness of the few—this is not an individual issue; this is a group issue.

Scheidelman should remain the president because the confusion with the SA is enough that any additional change would just muck up the already pathetic system at warp speed.

The system is in shambles for the simple reason that issues disappear into a conversational wasteland, void of any action. There is not enough time this semester to play impeachment games; those in office simply need to concentrate on working with who they have and becoming a more effective group.

For example, the senate should know by now its most prized weapon, the psuedo-deadly resolution, is about as effective in promoting student interest as the mile-long Add/Drop lines. The only people who read resolutions are those involved in the situation. They seem to be discarded by students because they have no binding power.

More importantly, many new ideas that have come up under Scheidelman’s term apparently have vanished. What happened to publishing the teacher evaluations? What happened to the Student Committee on Financial Aid? And as always, what’s new with the on-going fiasco at the SA Recycling Center and elections?

These faults cannot be laid at Scheidelman’s feet alone. Without a doubt, she is ultimately responsible for things because she is the president, but other SA members also must be held accountable.

“What have you done for me lately?” is the name of every game, especially in politics. Scheidelman’s impeachment, although warranted, should be voted down because nobody else has done anything either.