SA to further projects

By Dana Netzel

A telephone registration project and an academic grievance procedure are two of the many projects Student Association committees hope to advance this semester.

The Academic Affairs Committee has received $60,000 funding for a multi-year telephone registration project. The project will ease the add/drop and schedule completion process, Academic Affairs Adviser Willie Fowler said.

A total cost of the project is not available because an upgrade on computers will have to be done and additional telephone lines will need to be installed, said NIU Provost Kendall Baker.

An academic grievance procedure to increase student input has been proposed by the Academic Affairs Committee, Fowler said. The procedure is for students to vocalize problems they have with a professor, he said.

Determining student financial needs is the topic of a survey distributed by the Student Committee on Financial Aid. SCOFA also will assist the advisory board to the Financial Aid Office, which was established last semester.

Other committee surveys include a detailed $1,600 apartment survey to help guide students searching for apartments. This survey is the first in five years and it will feature student opinions of local apartment conditions, said Community Affairs Adviser Brian Subatich.

Cleaning up the recycling center is top priority for the recycling committee because “it is quite a mess,” Recycling Director Dave Broustis said.

Recycling containers will be installed in the Student Recreation Center and Altgeld Hall to improve recycling at NIU, Broustis said.

The SA Mass Transit Board will work through details of the Route 7 and 9 bus combination and prepare for long range planning, said SAMTB Adviser Dave Pack.

A newly-formed SAMTB sub-committee will prepare proposals and recommendations for the 1990-91 Late Nite Ride Service and Huskie Bus Line.

Promotion of the Huskie buses on and off campus will be stressed because “buses can serve students, faculty and staff more than they have,” Pack said.