Bad move by all

Over the years, I have heard enough of Louis Farrakhan and I am disturbed by the lack of judgement shown by Huda Scheidelman for allowing the approval of SA funding to finance his lecture.

The urgent need of the Black Student Union for an immediate decision to schedule a Jan. 30 lecture date is merely an indication of their own lack of planning.

This is a decision which should have been voted upon correctly and not muscled through by some back-room politicking.

SA Vice President Steve Coloia’s interest in “respecting a person’s right to speak” should not go so far as to pay that individual to speak.

If Farrakhan wants to talk at NIU, then let him do so for free, or pay $4,000 out of SA funds to other radical viewpoints. Muamar Khadafi, the Grand Wizard of the KKK, or a machete-wielding Manuel Noriega would make a good start.

Al Kruk

Computer science