Recap of SA achievements

By Dana Netzel

Many of the Student Association’s major accomplishments this semester came from the top, according to the group’s president.

The results and most of the productivity within the SA were a result of actions by the executive board, SA President Huda Scheidelman said.

“The legislative branch is a policy making board,” not a body who instigates changes, Scheidelman said.

Scheidelman also attributes the success of the SA to the excellent communication between the executive branch, advisers and adviser’s committees.

SA involvement in campus wide activities was a major focus this semester. The SA sponsored a campus-wide recycling effort, Aids Awareness Day and Ethnic Awareness Week.

Members of the SA participated in University in Diversity Week and NIU Care Week, which raised $1,650 for victims of the San Francisco earthquake and Hurricane Hugo.

The SA also funded eight organizations for the Oct. 28 Racial Conference held at NIU and members participated in the “productive turnout,” said SA Treasurer Bruce Williams.

The SA is still proposing alternatives and representing students in various university offices. A cultural pluralism class proposal will be finished by next semester, Williams said.

The committee for this class has received permission to audit classes to determine which qualify for a cultural pluralism class requirement, he said.

The Student Committee on Financial Aid proposed a financial aid advisory board to serve students. Within the Financial Aid Office, a receipt system to prevent lost forms will begin when the board is active.

The process for a Holmes Student Center policy making board is complete and will begin next semester. The SA Welfare Committee has discussed changes in the student center for handicapped accessibility.

This includes handicapped accesibility to the student center basement and a ramp to the east entrance of the student center. The committee is waiting for a grant to help finance these changes.

The “ball is rolling” on a student center charge card which should be implemented next fall, Scheidelman said.

The Students Legal Advisory Committee is in the process of helping NIU attorneys receive benefits. The purpose of this is “to preserve the excellent attorneys” at NIU, she said.

Many committees are in the process of preparing surveys or reviewing results from surveys conducted. The Community Affairs Committee is preparing the first survey in five years on DeKalb apartments. The detailed, $1,600 survey will include students opinions, Williams said.

Surveys by the Recreation Committee and Mass Transit Board gave student input. The areas for improvement will be worked on next semester.

Relations between the city of DeKalb and the SA improved this semester because of the Community Affairs Committee, Scheidelman said.

The Research Adviser began organizing the archives this past semester, but will continue throughout next semester.

Campus awareness on SA activities will include a newsreel before weekend movies at the student center and a newsletter.

Other areas the SA will tackle next semester include a statue for the Martin Luther King Memorial Commons and a bike path through the area near Wirtz Hall by the end of the summer.