Make tutors available to all

NIU offers tutoring to minority students, first generation college students, students receiving financial aid and handicapped students. The Board of Regents might expand tutoring services to all NIU students, not only those admitted through special programs.

A Regents report states, “Advising, tutorial and counseling support was provided to specially admitted minority students in their first year. The university in Fiscal Year 1990 will extend counseling and academic support service to these students for the entire time they are on campus.”

It is refreshing to see two student needs finally addressed: tutoring beyond the first year on campus and tutoring available to ALL students.

With skyrocketing college costs, few students can afford to hire private tutors. Increasing class sizes do not always leave instructors much time to offer individual attention to students having trouble in class.

The fact a student is not a minority or was not admitted to NIU through a special program should not exclude him/her from tutoring services. If Joe is a senior chemistry major with a 3.8 GPA, he should be able to receive tutoring if he wants it.

Tutoring is designed to help students learn. That is what all students are paying for. Isn’t that what we all should receive?