Students at fault

If you haven’t noticed yet, as it appears you haven’t, the Huskie Football team has finished up this season at a solid 9-2 record. This football team deserves to be playing in a bowl game, but will not due to lack of fan support. Yes, folks, that is the only reason! Trust me on that.

Working with the Huskie Football team for the last four seasons, I can tell you all some things you should know. Coach Jerry Pettibone and staff have built a “first-class” football team with a lot of pride in themselves. This team has done a 360 degree turnaround since 1986 and coach Pettibone has performed a true football miracle at NIU.

Pride, commitment and devotion sum up the qualities that coach Pettibone has installed here. Students, faculty and other members of the community, you people should learn what these words mean and try being that way, too. If you people would have given a little support to your school football team, you could have cheered them on in a bowl game this year.

The 56-3 thrashing of Cincinnatti (Nov. 18) showed the guts and determination of a football team with goals and a mission. It’s too bad our own fans made the tackle on this team and stopped us short of bowl time, unless we maybe somehow get the chance that is well deserved.

You people should thank coach Pettibone, staff and team for a relentless effort in getting this school a little respect. This team was a class act this year and deserve class fans. For you people saying: What about education?; What about homework?; What if I don’t like football? Hey people, wake up to reality and have a little fun. There’s more to life than your boring attitudes. School spirit is not a bad thing to take part in know matter what your interests are! Those other things are important, but try to be well rounded, too.

Coach Pettibone, thanks for being positive. You’re the best and so are the Huskies and people will realize this soon. Helll of a job men, you worked hard and paid a price and got it done the old-fashioned way. You earned it!

Howard Trafman