Art student displays work in Holmes Student Center

By Vittorio Carli

K. Kiesel’s exhibit brings to mind a famous quote by Mohandes Gandhi. A reporter asked him what he thought about western civilization. Gandi’s reply was “I think it it would be a good idea.”

Kiesel’s art is on display in the Holmes Student Center. His exhibit is called “Product/Repair.” Many of the paintings seem to be attacks on Roman Catholicism and Western commercialization.

One of the most memorable works in the display is emtitled “Ecce Homo: Take your Turn so I can Laugh.” The painting depicts a high ranking member of the Catholic church ordering the crucifixion of a Christ figure. The face of the commanding pope is engulfed in black. This suggests that he has been swallowed up by the forces of evil.

The green hued Christ in this work looks thin and undernourished. He resembles a starving third world child more than the traditional Christ figure.

The paintings in the exhibit are exhuberant and evocative. Kiesel uses lots of bright colors that are sometimes smeared together. The colors succeed in provoking a strong emotional responses in the viewers. His frescos have a dark primitivistic quality that recall the works of Paul Gauguin and early Picasso.