‘Reopen issue’

At the Nov.5 Student Association senate meeting, President Huda Scheidelman claimed that several bundles of The Northern Star “have been dumped every week at the recycling center.”

As the assistant director of the SA Recycling Center, I later stated that I was unsure as to how true this statement was and that the matter should be further investigated.

According to the recycling center’s site coordinator, Star deposits have been a weekly occurrence. Although we appreciate the recycling effort, it remains unclear why these bundled newspapers are appearing at the center.

Now that it is apparent that this was not an isolated incident, we hope the Star will reopen this issue.

Since students partially fund the Star’s publication, we are entitled to know why these newspapers are not being used. If there is a legitimate reason, please let us know. If not, it is unfair that students and advertisers are subsidizing idle newspapers.

Distribution locations might need to be revised to accommodate demand, or perhaps the Star’s circulation figures might need to be adjusted.

In any case, I hope this matter will be cleared up as soon as possible. A response from the Star would be appreciated.

Amanda Rutter

SA senator