Department changes name to reflect major

By Shawnna Lynch

The NIU Business Systems Analysis department has changed its name to Operations Management and Information Systems.

“The change was made because BSA was not felt to be descriptive enough to thoroughly describe the major entailed,” Martin Green BSA student adviser said. “Operations Management and Information Systems gives a better idea of what the major offers.”

David Graf, chairman of Operations Management and Information Systems said the change occurred about three weeks ago.

He also said, “The change occurred due to problems with employers and potential graduate students recognizing the major.”

Operations management offers careers in management, systems analysis, scheduling, supervising, and coordination of operations. The program also offers internships to qualified students.

“I think the change has been positive because employers now know what we do,” Graf said.

Some of the firms offering employment to operations management interns are McDonalds, Jewel Foods, Arthur Anderson & Co., Harris Trust and Savings Bank and Rockford Products Corporation.