Help, don’t joke

Thank you Dan, for your premature assessment of the Student Association Senate. In your Sept. 11 column, you referred to the Senate as a “meaningless college governemt.” It is our opinion that this attitude perpetuates a negative connotation towards the student government and discourages participation. As potential senators (in an election which is already lacking sufficient involvement), we are perplexed by your criticism of the senate before the term has even begun.

You sarcastically suggested that the effort to “improve the quality of life” on campus through the senate was a joke. Granted, in retrospect the SA Senate has had its ups and downs, but we have found that senators are genuinely concerned about NIU and the student body. Perhaps we should point out that as a Star employee you receive monetary compensation for the time you contribute, while on the other hand senators contribute their time voluntarily.

We feel that it is a shame that you have not used your resources more effectively to encourage student involvement to provoke improvements within the system. Furthermore, an advocate for political apathy is counterproductive and is not necessary on this campus.

Amanda Rutter


Business management

Galvin Kennedy


Political science