SA to hold 2nd meeting of semester

By Michelle Landrum

The Student Association will discuss issues ranging from a required cultural pluralism class to a community affairs position during its second meeting of the semester.

The senate will meet at 6 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center Skyroom.

DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow will begin Sunday’s meeting with an introductory greeting.

Academics Adviser Willie Fowler will inform the senate about new developments concerning the current constitution test requirement and establishing a required cultural pluralism class.

Treasurer Bruce Williams will ask the senate to approve a $.40 per hour student wage increase for about 12 SA-funded organizations. The Board of Regents mandated the pay raise this summer and the increase went into effect August 15, said Williams.

The BOR approved the wage increase “to try to make working on campus better than working at McDonald’s,” Williams said.

The SA now must approve “supplemental funding” from the SA’s general reserve account so the organizations will not go over its budgets. The extra funding from the general reserve account will come from a $.04 per credit hour increase in student activity fees which is already in effect, Williams said.

Another highlight of the meeting will be the second reading of an SA constitutional amendment concerning the role of the community affairs adviser.

The reading must be approved by the senate, but there is controversy within the senate about the position. The adviser “acts as a liaison between the SA and the city,” said SA Vice President Steve Coloia. Because of the intermediary role, “anyone except elected or appointed city officials” may serve as adviser.

The reading of the community affairs amendment failed last semester on its second reading. The post was formerly called Tenant Union Adviser, and is now held by Brian Subatich.

The SA will also accept nominations for senate speaker this week through elections on Oct. 1. Nominations must be made at a senate meeting.