IFC to take stand against changes in Homecoming

By Michelle Isaacson

The InterFraternity Council will not participate in the decorated car/float division of the Homecoming parade.

Rob Martin, IFC representative for Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, made the motion Sunday not to participate in this division of the parade “to take a stand” against university changes made in the Homecoming celebration, such as the elimination of the softball tournament and policies that are in the process of being passed for future Homecomings regarding the selection of activity partners.

Martin said he proposed the motion for additional reasons including the time and money involved in making floats decorating a car. The Homecoming celebration begins Oct. 1.

Martin said the elimination of the softball tournament was disappointing to the Greek community because it was one of the bigger and more exciting events. The softball tournament was open to everyone, not only Greeks. Martin said the university is trying to eliminate the competitive aspects of Homecoming.

The university is considering changing the way that Homecoming partners are selected. Martin wants to keep the selection process as it is now. Part of this selection process includes fraternities singing to the sororities. “There’s a whole fun thing about it (selecting homecoming partners),” he said.

Renee Esgar, activities adviser for university events, said “I think it’s unfortunate because Homecoming is an all-university event. Hopefully, they will still be involved with the novelty acts.

“Some members of the IFC have been unhappy with the events that have been planned because they are more spirit-orientated than competitive. It really wasn’t a surprise because they (Greeks) didn’t participate with floats last year,” Esgar said.

“The Homecoming committee wanted the emphasis to be on the spirit of Homecoming and to make sure all of the different constituencies are involved,” she said.

IFC representative Steve Zarch is the Campus Activities Board coordinator for Homecoming. Zarch abstained from voting in the IFC decision. “I would like for every organization to participate whether they are Greek or non-Greek,” he said.

Leslie Wegworth, president of the Panhellenic Council, said, “Panhellenic supports the university in all its endeavors and Homecoming. Any sorority that is interested in making floats will still make them.”

Michelle Martino, education chairman of the PHC, said “I felt it (the IFC action) was a hasty decision. The sororities should have been taken into consideration when making the decision.”