One step in the right direction!

After all of the government criticism we’ve been hearing lately, with way too many ecological ‘accidents,’ it’s a nice change to hear about positive things the government is planning. And what’s better yet, these are not just U.S. plans—they are plans to help set the entire world back on an ecological and people-conscious course.

What we are talking about is the recent economic summit plans to take “decisive action” about world environmental and drug problems.

Of course promises are only as good as the action taken to carry them out. But the nations of the world coming together and agreeing to work on a solution for these problems is definitely a step in the right direction.

Some environmental groups, however, displayed well-found concerns. The summit leaders came out of their conference with some good ideas, but no financial committments have been made. Hopefully, funds will be available to help initiate these plans. One such plan, is convincing farmers to quit growing crops used to produce drugs, and grow other profit making crops.

Now that the summit made this verbal committment, they had better be ready to follow through on their plans with some specific goals and financial backing.

The people of the world have seen a lot of ecological and drug related destruction. Four oil spills within two months that need clean-up assistance and 7-year-olds that purchase drugs on playgrounds is too much for the environment and the people to handle.

Now that worldwide governments have joined together and agreed that our deteriorating environment and the well-being of the people are the most important issues today, let’s hope they follow through with these encouraging words.