IFC approves new rush policy

By Claudia Curry

The InterFraternity Council approved a new IFC rush policy at Tuesday’s meeting which requires each rushee to visit at least four houses during fall rush.

In addition to the card and stamp system developed last year, IFC approved a “region system” which divides the fifteen IFC organizations into three groups according to their location on Greek Row.

Each rushee will be required to visit at least one house in each of the three regions and two houses in one of the regions, the policy states.

Region one consists of Theta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Theta and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternities. Region two consists of Delta Chi, Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternities. Region three consists of Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta Upsilon, Sigma Pi and Sigma Chi.

In order to be eligible to accept a bid from any IFC fraternity, each rushee will be required to submit rush cards with four stamps from four different houses.

Behavioral guidelines also have been added to the IFC rush policy because of the “improper behavior last semester” at rush parties.

One of these guidelines prohibits any fraternity-active or pledge member to escort a rushee into another chapter house.

Prior to his Tuesday resignation, IFC President Jim Valentine said that under this new policy rushees will be “motivated to see all the different locations of greek row.

“Hopefully, this (the policy) will match them (rushees) with a house that they are most compatible with,” he said.

Through a series of additions to the IFC rush policy, the IFC has developed a strong structure of regulations for NIU fraternities to follow while holding their chapter rush, Valentine said.

“First, the IFC approved of the dry rush, then we approved the card and stamp system which would assure that the rushees visited more than one house,” Valentine said. “Now we’ve added the region system which requires the rushees to visit the different areas of Greek Row.”

Valentine said it is all in the attempt to better formulate an IFC rush system at NIU.