Warning labels for foolishness?

Irony: A Seattle woman drinks up to a half of a fifth of Jim Beam bourbon daily during her pregnancy, and turns around to sue the distillery for her son’s severe birth defects.

The woman gave birth to a boy five years ago who was born mentally retarded, neurologically impaired, developmentally stunted and with facial and other body malformations, according to court documents.

She has made a ridiculous claim that the James B. Beam Distillery Co. of Kentucky is at fault for her child’s deformities because it did not provide warning labels on its whiskey bottles explaining that alcohol can cause birth defects.

The warning that alcohol can cause birth defects is broadcast and printed all over the country and is no secret to anyone, especially a pregnant woman under a doctor’s care. The harmful effects alcohol has can safely be claimed as common knowlege. For this woman to suggest she was unaware of the effect alcohol would have on her baby is like saying there was no label on a handgun to warn her that “pulling the trigger while the gun is pointed at your head can be harmful to your health.”

The only thing lacking a warning label here is this woman’s forehead.