Policy proposal rejected by IFCrejected by IFC

By Claudia Curry

The NIU InterFraternity Council Tuesday did not approve an amendment proposed by Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity to a constitutional advertising policy.

Phi Kappa Sigma proposed that each fraternity include in advertisements what type of party is to be held, who is to be invited, and any other aspects of a house-sponsored event.

Kevin Gross, IFC administrative vice president, said, “This proposal doesn’t seem to be as specific as the J-Board intended it to be. This proposal doesn’t clarify anything. It adds more ambiguity.”

Gross said Phi Kappa Sigma could propose the amendment to the council, but he does not think that the proposal would “suffice for the judicial board requirement.”

The fraternity offered the proposal to fulfill a disciplinary requirement mandated by the IFC Judicial Board. Phi Kappa Sigma was found guilty March 23 of violating the IFC constitutional policy prohibiting advertising a social event with any reference to alcoholic beverages.

A Phi Kappa Sigma IFC representative said the existing policy “is a bit vague” and the policy caused Phi Kappa Sigma’s violation involving a spring rush activation celebration party Feb. 25.

The IFC Judicial Board decided that due to the possible vagueness of the policy, a sufficient disciplinary action would require Phi Kappa Sigma to propose an amendment attempting to clarify the policy.

After the council voted against the amendment proposal, Gross said the fraternity is required to propose another amendment at the May 2 IFC meeting. The second proposal must be “more specific,” he said.

IFC President Jim Valentine said Phi Kappa Sigma “made an obvious effort to fulfill their sanctions. They’re going to have to go to the J-Board and ask for a remedy.”

Following Tuesday night’s IFC meeting, Valentine resigned from his position as IFC president. Kevin Gross will replace Valentine as IFC president through the summer.

In other business, the IFC approved a proposal requiring each IFC organization to elect one IFC representative in September and one IFC representative in January.

The proposal states the elected representatives must serve a full-year term and this method of representation “will insure the fast and effective execution of IFC duties.”

The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity representative who proposed the amendment said it is designed to guarantee each chapter has an experienced representative in the IFC throughout the entire year.