Revised IFC alcohol policy implemented

By Claudia Curry

The InterFraternity Council voted at Tuesday night’s meeting to implement a revised IFC alcohol policy to replace the policy currently in effect.

The first IFC alcohol policy emphasized the control and distribution of alcohol at fraternity parties and was implemented at the beginning of this semester.

To enforce the policy, the IFC formed a party patrol whose major duties are to police the fraternity houses for possible violations of the policy.

IFC President Jim Valentine said, “The new policy definitely reduces the amount of gray area that was found in the previous policy. It will be easier for chapter members to understand and interpret.”

Dave Stewart, temporary greek activities coordinator, said, “This policy clarifies the procedures and rules. It gets rid of a lot of the vagueness found in the first policy.”

The new policy won a majority vote in the IFC but was not unanimously approved among all IFC fraternities.

Mike Linehan, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity president, said his chapter voted against the policy because the IFC did not gather feedback on the policy from the different chapters when forming the policy.

He said, “This policy defines the different events more clearly. It’s definitely better than the first policy, but they (the IFC) went one step too far with adding the spontaneous event category. That’s being too restrictive.”

Linehan said he foresees possible problems with the new policy because the IFC has not thoroughly discussed the issue and is trying to rush the policy approval.

As it stands, the revised IFC alcohol policy consists of three different sets of rules for three separate categories—social events, spontaneous events, and mixers/happy hours.

A social event is defined in the policy as “any event which is sponsored by an IFC recognized fraternity and involves the participation of individuals that are not a part of that IFC recognized fraternity.”

The policy states that a fraternity is considered the sponsor of an event at which any alcohol is dispensed or provided on public areas of the chapter’s property.

A spontaneous event is defined as “an event that was not foreseen far enough in advance to be able to comply with (IFC) registration guidelines.”

The policy also states that a spontaneous event can only include the sponsoring chapter and members of one other IFC or Panhellenic recognized chapter.