Senate resolutions meaningless says Bliss Group has ‘lack of backbone’

By Holly Schubert

Student Association Vice President Gregg Bliss said several resolutions passed at the Sunday SA Senate meeting mean “nothing.”

Bliss said a resolution is supposed to stand out and state a strong point. Because the senate passed five resolutions, he said they carry no meaning.

“If you (the senate) want action, do it—don’t pass a resolution,” Bliss said. The senate has “a lack of backbone” because they pass resolutions and do not take action themselves, he said.

“We’re (the SA senate) not doing our jobs. We’re worried about looking stupid,” Bliss said.

In her weekly report, SA President Paula Radtke asked the senate to withdraw a resolution passed at the March 5 senate meeting and “write one they (the Holmes Student Center Space Space Study Committee) can’t argue with.”

The resolution, written by former Sen. John Martin, states that a professional company should assess the space in the student center before committing student fees to renovate the building.

Sen. Tom Link said Jon Dalton, vice president for student affairs, was not “particularly offended” by the resolution. He said, however, that “eight or 10 administrators on the committee were all extremely offended by the language of the resolution.”

Link said he spent most of the committee’s last meeting “trying to make the intent (of the resolution) clear.”

Sen. David Burke, a member of the space study committee, said NIU students are being “taken for a very large, large ride” with the issue of student center space.

Radtke said she is forming an ad hoc committee to work with Student Center Director Judd Baker on the issue.

Burke told senators to contact student organizations to determine the possible space needs of the groups. The ad hoc committee will present this information to Baker, he said.

Students will work with Baker to determine space needs in the student center, but the final decision will be left to Baker, Burke said.

If Baker finds that there is sufficient space in the student center, an addition will not be built. However, if Baker states that there is not sufficient space, a professional assessment company will be hired, he said.

In other matters, the senate passed a resolution prohibiting campaigning by senators and SA advisers during senate meetings by a vote of 24-7, with five abstentions.

Sen. Thomas Gary questioned the appropriateness of allowing candidates to handout campaign materials during senate meetings.

Senate Speaker Phill Buoscio, a candidate for SA president, distributed a campaign letter and pins to senators during a staff member’s report. After Buoscio sat down, Sen. Joe Annunzio distributed fliers from his previous presidential campaign.

Gary said senate meetings “are not the time or place to campaign.”

The senate also passed resolutions regarding the designated driver program proposed by the College Students Against Drunk Drivers, the loss of student control of space in the Student Recreation Center and a student fee supporting The Northern Star.