Garbage contract increase

By Sylvia Phillips

The DeKalb City Council Monday discussed extending its contract with DeKalb County Disposal for garbage collection, which would result in a 23.4 percent cost increase for consumers.

The present contract ends May 31. The council is expected to vote on the extension at its April 10 meeting.

The council decided against negotiating a new contract because of uncertainties of the availability of the DeKalb County Landfill, said DeKalb City Manager Mark Stevens in a press conference Friday. The extended contract will be effective through June 30, 1990.

The contract calls for a cost increase of $1.55 per month or $18.60 per year. Currently, residents pay $6.62 per month per unit. Under terms of the new contract, they will pay $8.17 per month per unit.

DeKalb County Disposal justifies the cost increase, saying landfill rates have risen 96 percent, Stevens said. During the five-year contract period, DCD has received only a 7 percent increase in rates, he said.

Garbage collection will continue to occur twice a week under the extended contract.

A pilot recycling program targeting 400 DeKalb homes is included in the contract. The curbside recycling project is free and is patterned after a currently DCD project in an area north of Sycamore.

The purpose of the program is to generate data to evaluate whether the community is interested in a long-term recycling project, Stevens said.

The proposal also includes a provision that protects the DCD against future landfill rate increases or closure. Under the provision, rates could increase by 55 percent of any landfill rate increase.