IFC, PHC form new positions

By Claudia Curry

Two NIU Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council executive board positions have been created this semester to help fraternities and sororities coordinate individual scholarship programs.

Jeff Przybylo, IFC education vice president, and Michelle Martino, Panhellenic education chairman, began coordinating chapter scholarship chairman meetings this semester on a bi-monthly basis.

Martino and Przybylo co-chair the IFC/PHC scholarship committee and work together on developing scholarship resources and helping chapters to create positive scholarship programs.

Martino said one duty of the education chairmen is to help the chapters organize their scholarship programs by making educational information and resources available to the chapter scholarship chairmen.

“We meet on a regular basis with the scholarship chairs and we try to inform them about the university resources like LASSL (Learning Assistance Study Skills Lab) and to exchange ideas that they can use for their scholarship programs,” Martino said.

The chapter scholarship chairmen meet twice a month with Martino and Pryzbylo for a roundtable discussion emphasizing topics such as learning study skills, setting up study tables, organizing test files and time management, Martino said.

Dave Stewart, temporary greek activities coordinator, said the development of the two new positions “needed to be done.

“Academic programming is why greek organizations exist,” he said. The reason why students are at NIU is because of academics and this programming “encourages academic endeavors,” he said.