Turn drug users into drug users?

There have been many theories on how to crack down on drugs, but the police chief of Washington, D.C. came up with an unprecedented doosie.

The work load on the chief must be a little too much because he seems to be getting delirious. In his frustration regarding an epidemic of drug-related murders, he thought it might be a good idea to give drugs to people who abuse drugs.


Chief Maurice Turner, Jr. suggested trying to find a drug that could be regularly injected into youngsters to blunt the euphoria that comes from using cocaine or heroin. This way, the country would not have to spend millions of dollars on drug enforcement and treatment. He thinks such a drug would be “the greatest contribution the medical community of this great nation can conceive for our children.”

One spokesman said, “That is a wild proposal.” What an understatement! One drug, called Naltrexone, exists that blocks the euphoric effects of heroin, but no similar drug exists for cocaine.

Even if such a drug did exist, it would not solve society’s drug problem. These drugs would simply replace the other drugs and there would still be a drug problem.

There is also the legal question. Would the cops go running around with needles injecting every drug user they see? Thank goodness drug experts had the sense to immediately dismiss the idea as unfeasible on both medical and practical grounds.

It’s kind of scary to think the Washington police chief seriously considered this idea. He couldn’t have been thinking logically.

Let’s give him a vacation, because he’s been working too hard … or using mind-altering drugs.