Program works

I am a non-minority student who originally enrolled into NIU through the CHANCE program in 1985. I think some things need to be made straight regarding the program and its goals. True. The program is designed for students who have shown motivation, talent and a high grade point average rank in school. But, I disagree with the Sept. 19 editorial stating “they lack basic educational skills.” Because the advisers here require that they know how to add and read before they are admitted to the university, they lag only marginally behind until they complete classes designed specifically to meet their needs that promote competent skills for college.

The goal of CHANCE is not to pick a certain number of minority students to fill in some classroom space. It’s to give those that are eligible, whether they’re black or white, a chance to assert some goals in life with the prospect of having a rewarding career for their futures. Furthermore, if the students had “clearly defined goals” they would have been pursuing them in high school by getting decent grades and putting programs like CHANCE out of business.

Because of CHANCE, two good friends of mine have graduated and I expect to be joining their ranks soon, too.

Donna Hurth


Human, Family Resources