Help, don’t argue

After three years at NIU, two of which I’ve spent studying at Diversions Lounge, I can say that one thing hasn’t changed. And that is the presence of apparent homeless individuals that pursue their rest on the Diversions couches while students attempt to study amidst their snoring.

This situation became even more intriguing for me with the printing of the Nov. 14 Northern Star article and photo regarding the JLS members protesting the city’s loitering law.

What I question is, whether or not these people that seek refuge and rest in Diversions had any place else to go, which is obviously the argument of the JLS members. However the article clearly stated that there is a shelter in DeKalb, and that DeKalb is trying to do what it can to help the homeless.

I think the JLS members’ arguments, especially that of Julie Stege, are ridiculous. If they are so concerned about the homeless, they should concentrate their efforts on helping to improve the shelters already available instead of arguing and protesting about things such as vomiting in public vs. fur coats in public. Show a little intelligence, please.

Homeless people are a large problem, not only locally but nation and world-wide. But I think the focus should be placed on helping the homeless find sufficient shelter and improving the facilities instead of thinking up cute rhymes and trying to find something to protest about regarding the situation.

John Griparis