Messages not true

While George Bush has repeatedly told the American public that there is nothing wrong with the economy. There has to be something that is not quite right when there is massive deficit that is being ignored, and the present administration has decided that it is better to saddle the responsibilty of paying for this huge debt to the future generations. Or maybe he just likes to write rubberized checks. Also if the U.S. has had such a big economic expansion, then why oh why is there such a huge trade imbalance between us, and our trading partners?

It also amazes me how Bush has the gall to denounce someone for supporting a group that is dedicated to protect individual constitutional rights (The American Civil Liberties Union). When it has been his and Reagan’s administration which has shown its continual contempt for the U.S. Constitution by breaking the law and selling weapons to hostile nations (Iran) for hostages. As well as using the C.I.A. to wage a war without Congressional approval. If Mr. Dukakis is such a bad person for having a reverence for and a desire to obey the Constitution, maybe he should be our next president.

It also amazes me how Bush could get away with saying that he wants to be the education president, when it was Reagan and Bush that spearheaded-repeated attacks on federal programs to help the nation’s educational system. When I was younger, my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap for saying some thing that was untrue, and there is absolutely no way that I could vote for a man like George Bush.

James Kappel


Political Science/International Relations

NIU Young Democrats