Responsibility lies in SA’s lap

The Student Association should take responsibility for the actions of its own subcommittees and its senate speaker.

Thursday, posters sponsored by the Student Committee On Political Action were displayed in several locations on campus. The fliers portrayed William Rehnquist, chief justice of the United States, as William ‘Adolph’ Rehnquist and asked students to “show the politicians that we hate it when goons like this get appointed to the court.”

A flier posted by the John Lennon Society, another political activist group, stated, “Come protest the legalization of racism.”

University Programming and Activities approved the fliers and rightly so. After all, the purpose of UP&A approval is not to censor the fliers of student groups. And certainly both SCOPA and the JLS have the right under the First Amendment to post fliers critical of the chief justice of the United States or anyone else.

The SA should take responsibility for the fliers SCOPA puts up because it is a subgroup of the student government. Also, Senate Speaker Joe Annunzio approved of the flier. Therefore, whether the senate was consulted or not, the flier is a product of the SA.

The issue of SCOPA’s right to post fliers has nothing to do with the fact that it receives funds from the SA. Several student organizations receive money from the SA but do not and should not allow the SA to have any control over the content of the fliers they post.

If SA senators do not like messages that other student organizations present, they should accept it.

However, if the senators do not like the messages that their committee presented, they should do something about it.