UC discusses IBHE fund appropriations

By Stephanie Bradley and Katrina Kelly

A number of organizational issues were addressed at the first University Council meeting of the 1988-89 academic year Wednesday.

NIU President John LaTourette distributed the general fund appropriations figures from the Illinois Board of Higher Education for fiscal years 1987 through 1989. He pointed out the difference in higher education funding from $1.327 billion in FY87 to $1.333 billion in FY89, a difference of .4 percent.

This reflects the lowest percentage change of any agency receiving general funds in this time period, with the exception of elementary and secondary education, which received only a .1 percent gain.

For FY89, higher education is slated to receive the least money from general funds. The figures compare with funds allocated to elementary and secondary education, public aid, mental health, children and family services and corrections and other agencies.

LaTourette spoke of the funding situation as “putting emphasis on the wrong end of the equation” and “neglectful of the need to invest in our people.”

LaTourette also indicated the burden of paying for higher education in Illinois is resting more and more on students and their parents. At the University of Illinois, 50 percent of the university’s revenue will be paid by students’ tuition.

Thirty to forty percent of the revenue for the Regency System universities—Sangamon State University, Illinois State University and NIU—currently is paid by students.

William Monat, NIU professor of public administration and chairman of the Monitor Subcommittee on Racial Concerns, gave an update on the action plan to address campus discrimination which was proposed to the UC last November. Monat said he hopes “the document serves as NIU’s commitment to eliminate harassment and discrimination.”

The plan outlines procedures taken by various university departments and agencies “to oppose bigotry and intolerance.”

In other business, the council approved the appointments of chairmen of two internal committees. Jeff Parness, associate professor of law, will head the elections committee and Jim Giles, professor of English, will head the rules committee.

The UC endorsed three appointments made by the Faculty Assembly. Monat was selected for a three-year term to the Joint University Advisory Committee.