Think you know Iowa? Take AP quiz before Monday’s caucuses


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — For a brief few days, Iowa will be the center of the political universe, thanks to the state’s caucuses, which kick off the presidential nominating season. Every four years, candidates spend months and millions wooing the state’s fickle caucusgoers. It’ll happen again this Monday. How well do you know Iowa? Take our quiz and find out.

1. Who is the most famous person from Winterset?

2. What first lady was born in Boone?

3. Who won the Iowa Democratic caucuses in 1976?

4. Who was the “heater from Van Meter”

5. Where was technology developed that transformed fax machines into universal business machines?

6. What famous late-night TV host was born in Corning?

7. What is the hometown of the band leader Glenn Miller?

8. Which Iowan painted “American Gothic?“

9. Which famous newspaper advice columnists are from Sioux City?

10. Which president was born in West Branch?

11. Which Iowan served as Franklin Roosevelt’s vice president?

12. In what year did both Republican and Democratic nominee finish third in the Iowa caucuses?

13. What TV sitcom actor and former MTV “Punked” host is a Cedar Rapids native?

14. What Burlington native was Super Bowl XXXIV MVP and attended University of Northern Iowa?

15. Which Iowan played Gopher on “The Love Boat” and was also elected to the U.S. House?

16. Until he became U.S. ambassador to China in 2017, he was the longest serving governor in U.S. history

17. What early rock musicians died on Feb. 3, 1959, in an icy plane crash after playing the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake in northern Iowa?

18. Which Republican presidential candidate lost the Iowa caucuses on his first try before winning twice?

19. What percentage of the delegate count did Democrat Joe Biden receive in the 2008 Iowa caucus?

20. Who won the Iowa Republican caucus in 2016?

ANSWERS: 1. John Wayne 2. Mamie Eisenhower 3. Uncommitted (not Jimmy Carter) 4. Bob Feller 5. Iowa State University 6. Johnny Carson 7. Clarinda 8. Grant Wood 9. Abigail Van Buren, known as “Dear Abby,” and Eppie Lederer, known as “Ann Landers.” 10. Herbert Hoover 11. Henry Wallace 12. Republican George H.W. Bush and Democrat Michael Dukakis in 1988. 13. Ashton Kutcher 14. Kurt Warner 15. Fred Grandy 16. Terry Branstad 17. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. ”The Big Bopper” Richardson. 18. Bob Dole 19. 1 percent 20. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.


This story has been corrected to change the 11th question, “Which Iowan ran for president against Franklin Roosevelt?” to make it, “Which Iowan served as Franklin Roosevelt’s vice president?”