Alderman makes bid for election support

By Joelle McGinnis

Seventh Ward Alderman Mark Powell dropped in on Sunday’s Student Association meeting to make a bid for support during his run for DeKalb’s mayoral position.

Speaking to those SA members in attendance, Powell said more respect and support is needed from the city for the student-run Huskie Bus System, including an increase in the number of buses. In addition, Powell proposed an alteration under home rule to the city’s restriction on the admittance of minors to local bars.

Under home rule DeKalb has the power to allow 19- and 20- year-olds into bars, not to consume alcohol, but such a proposal has never been brought before the council for consideration.

“They (18-year-olds) have the power to vote and can be drafted … It’s ludicrous, they should have the opportunity to go into the bars and socialize with their friends.”

After meeting opposition on the possibility of the proposal’s success with the rest of the city council from several SA senators, Powell said “it’s feasable, but it would take work.

“We would need to form a strategy to elect people to different wards to get the vote on the council … plus the mayor’s chair,” he said.

Powell passed out campaign material and stressed the need for a better relationship between the City of DeKalb and NIU students.

“I’d like to see more involvement between the city and the students,” Powell said. He also reinforced his pledge of interest in working with the SA to represent student interests in the city.

“I’m willing to help you and we can work toward that end together,” he said. “There is already support in the first and seventh wards, and there would be more if you were to elect me mayor.”