SCOPA vote approves new action day name

By Dina Paluzzi

The Student Committee on Policical Action voted in favor of changing the name of Day of Action II to the Day of Action to Fight Education Cuts and Racism, in spite of opposition from Student Association staff.

SA president pro-tempore Todd Kuzma said SA President Jim Fischer and staff discussed at a meeting they are against including racism in the title.

SCOPA Chairman Tom Rainey said, “Jim Fischer has control according to the constitution. At the staff meeting, it was me against everyone else.”

Kuzma said, “They (the SA) are dictating to us (SCOPA). There are people in the SA who are exerting their influence on the Day of Action II.”

SA Research Adviser Sue Greene said the SA staff is opposed to bringing in another issue to the Day of Action II.

“It won’t change anything by not including racism in the title,” she said.

Greene said the SA is afraid SCOPA is becoming a small group of radicals, not taking into account the rest of the student body. She said the SA wants all students to get involved in the Day of Action II.

Kuzma said those in the SA think the Day of Action II should be like Spring Fest.

“They have good intentions to get people to come to the rally, but the issues are becoming secondary,” he said. “Those are the same people who called a (student) strike without discussing it,” he said.

At the March 6 SA Senate meeting, senators passed a resolution demanding NIU President John LaTourette, the student body, faculty and staff to call for a student strike on the April 13 Day of Action II. Kuzma said the Senate unanimously passed the resolution.

SA Sen. Rene Lilly, who proposed the resolution said, “I don’t think it was fully understood (by the senators).”

Greene said the Illinois Student Association named Day of Action II. “They’re leading it statewide,” she said.

SA Sen. Anne Rapp said the committee still should keep the name as Day of Action II. “It will still carry the same message,” she said.

Because the SA has the power to change anything the committee decides, Rainey decided to call the day Day of Action II. However, he said the flyers printed by SCOPA would include the words “to fight racism.”