Stand for something

The March 9 story regarding the NIU Young Democrats’ switch in presidential candidate allegiance disturbed me. I question the significance of this development when one considers the support of these individuals would have (and did have) no effect on the success of the Simon campaign in the 14th Congressional District—or on the national campaign.

I can’t help but wonder why the whimsical flip-flop of 4 unknown members of an organization which would have little or no impact on the results of the primary was deemed worthy of newsprint.

To counterbalance the loss of these four political “heavyweights,” the Simon campaign retained the support of the DeKalb Democratic party chairman and treasurer, Sen. Patrick Welch, D-Peru, the DeKalb County clerk, the SA president, public relations adviser, services adviser and chief justice, the NIU student regent and numerous other known and recognizable individuals—both here in DeKalb and statewide—not to mention the several hundred thousand Illinois citizens who voted for Simon.

One has to question the commitment of support of individuals whose preferences sway with the winds of frontrunner polls. The Simon campaign lost the support of four individuals who are less than political giants. The Dukakis campaign gained support the value of which is comparable to that of a warm bucket of saliva.

Boys, if you’re not going to count for anything, you might as well stand for something.

Nick Valadez

second year

college of law