UC plans to attack problems

By Suzanne Tomse

An action plan addressing discrimination issues on campus and the undergraduate student grade appeal procedure will be discussed by the University Council Wednesday.

UC Executive Secretary Judith Bischoff said William Monat, NIU discrimination task force chairman, will present to council members the subcommittee’s document, “Institutional Action to Address Campus Discrimination.” The council will be reviewing the document and will be providing input to the task force, Bischoff said.

The task force was developed last year as part of a council resolution calling for the condemnation of discrimination and for action against minority injustice on campus.

Former UC Executive Secretary Jim Giles said the task force’s charge is to investigate the degree of discrimination on campus and to make recommendations to the council for action on how to handle any problems.

The council also will review the university’s undergraduate student grade appeal procedure. “There is concern on the part of some students that there is not a provision in the procedure to remove a faculty member if the students felt they were biased,” Bischoff said. She said this concern was within the college departments.

Bischoff said the council will be reviewing the language of the document in order to provide suggestions on including a provision. “We want to keep this operatable document in the departments. We want to work on the language without getting into legal matters, ” she said.

In other business, the council will be voting on reports of the Academic Policy Committee and the Rules and Governance Committee.

Coming up for action from the Academic Policy Committee is a graduate student reinstatement policy. The policy will allow graduate students who were dismissed 10 or more years ago for academic reasons to apply for reinstatement, Academic Policy Committee Chairman Alan Voelker said.

From the Rules and Governance Committee, the UC will be voting on an addition to two bylaws to include the words “sexual orientation” and “handicapped status.” The bylaws apply to appeals concerning discrimination.

In addition, the council will vote on a name and description change of the Grants-in-Aid Committee to the University Scholarships Committee.

Bischoff said the council also will review the “groundrules” for the discussion of, and action on, NIU’s proposed constitution at the Dec. 16 UC meeting.