Disgusting results

Now we know NIU students have mastered the word F–K, but if anything resembling an informed opinion has been mastered or learned, it certainly was well hidden. I’m talking about the Day of Action stampede through Swen Parson Hall. What purpose did it serve? What exactly do Bursars, Financial Aid and Career Planning and Placement have to do with budget cuts and tuition increases?

I’m truly disappointed in the students. I felt that the Day of Action—the rally, etc.—was a great idea and supported it 100 percent until I saw what they came up with. The Star published articles all week to gain support for this big day, only to have me (and many others) become disgusted with the outcome.

Employees at NIU have lost more than $150 because of the cuts. Also, for some offices on campus, this tuition increase has caused excessive work and anguish on our end, more so than coming up with an extra $150 for next semester. Why take it out on NIU employees? Governor Thompson had monies in the budget to give himself a 60 percent pay increase, but not enough for state employees.

Next time you want to protest, make sure you are informed on WHO it is you’re against and for what reasons. Using vulgar language and abusive action never solved any problems.

Kim C. Bourdages – NIU employee/student