Discussion centers on Soviet policies

By Peggy Keslin

A discussion on current policies in the Soviet Union will be led by Albert Resis, associate professor of history, tonight at 9 p.m. in Swen Parson’s moot courtroom.

“Moscow September ‘87: Gorbachev’s Dream and Reality”, will focus on Resis’ trip to Moscow for an international conference of historians Sept. 6-14.

esis will speak on Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms and the degree of success his administration has achieved in the Soviet Union, said Bob Tolf, president of the NIU History Club.

esis said, “While in Moscow I had the opportunity to check out changes of the last few years and policies of Gorbachev’s glasnost‘.”

Glasnost’ is a Russian term refering to Gorbachev’s policy of seeking a higher degree of openness with Western nations, Tolf said.

esis said he would also cover the restructuring of the Russian economy and the “new thinking” that characterizes Gorbachev’s leadership.

“For the first time in Russian history, intellectuals are on the side of the government in a time of peace,” said Resis, “The major positive changes in Russia have been with respect to intellectuals.”

e said his lecture also would cover life in general in the Soviet Union.

“The conference had representatives from 13 different countries, and they all generally agreed with my observations,” Resis said.

esis said he was surprised that the participants in the conference were allowed to deliver their papers freely, without having to submit them in advance.

istory department Chairman Otto Olsen said, “Resis submitted a report to the department on his trip, and I feel he is very qualified to speak on Soviet history.”

The discussion is being sponsored by the NIU History Club. “The lecture is open to the general public, and I encourage anyone interested in current affairs to attend,” Tolf said.