Graduate lectures on job preparation

Lisa Hoogerwerf, account executive for Financial Shares Corporation, addressed the 40-member audience on how to prepare for the first job after college.

The 1984 NIU graduate spoke about the “Checklist for Success” to members of the Public Relations Student Society of America at its second meeting Wednesday night.

oogerwerf suggested that someone going into the business world should “know the fundamentals.” She also recommended taking a variety of classes including marketing, accounting, economics and computer science.

Another point on Hoogerwerf’s checklist was “organize your career goals.” She said jobs are available in all areas of interest.

A third point Hoogerwerf made was “develop confidence through experience” by becoming involved in programs, writing for newspapers or newsletters, or coordinating fundraisers.

oogerwerf also said one of the most important things is to “sell yourself” in appearance and manner as a professional, approaching situations with a sense of humor.

Finally, have an “alternative plan,” Hoogerwerf said. “Every mistake you make is a learning experience. Don’t sell yourself short,” she said.

oogerwerf was active in PRSSA at NIU. She is currently chairperson of the Student Relations Committee for the Professional Relations Society if America, the parent organization of PRSSA.