Contest unifies halls in decorating theme

By Peggy Keslin and Suzanne Tomse

NIU’s on-campus residents competed in a variety of activities for Unity Through Diversity Week including a hall decorating contest and sporting events.

Lincoln Hall received the most points throughout the week and was the overall winner in the Residence Hall Association’s competition, RHA Vice President of Programming Rob Arrington said. Lincoln Hall will receive a trophy for winning, he added.

The main event was an all-hall decorating contest. RHA President William Fowler said, “Each hall chose a country and decorated their building with that theme.”

Arrington said the idea for the decorating contest came about in an RHA executive board meeting.

e said, “The board wanted to make the residents more aware of Unity Through Diversity Week and at the same time unify the halls in a central theme.”

Lincoln Hall took first place in the hall decorating contest by depicting Greece. In addition, the hall held a Greek mixer Wednesday night.

Grant Towers South won second place in the contest by portraying Mexico. The hall also held “Fiesta Day” Tuesday which included a Mexican dinner. At the dinner, Mexican dancers performed for residents.

Third place winner Douglas Hall chose a universal theme for the contest by depicting several nationalities.

Gilbert Hall, which represented Japan in the decorating contest, served Japanese food to residents. Countries depicted in other halls included France at Stevenson Towers North and Ireland at Grant Towers North. Neptune represented Asia, and Stevenson Towers South depicted the United States.

To furthur “unify” the residents, the RHA rented the Recreation Center Friday night from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., Arrington said.

At the center, residents participated in basketball and wallyball tournaments. Lincoln Hall won the basketball tournament and GTS won the wallyball tournament. Other general areas of the center were open to residents, as well. Arrington said nearly 100 residents attended the activities. STN had the highest attendance at the center.

Arrington said, “The major goal of this year’s executive board of RHA is to establish more unity among the halls and to also create better communication between the halls and other campus organizations.”