Verbal tantrums

I’m tired of hearing editors of the Northern Star whimpering and having verbal tantrums about the JLS and one of its members.

They’ve criticized blocking of Lincoln Highway. For guys who were against the event for the purpose of publicity, they certainly did manage to use a lot of space on it before it even happened.

They’ve complained a little too much about Jim Fabris. They seem to think he is the JLS‘ “Phantom President” or something. Jim is a very politically active person who just happens to be a leftist. Jim doesn’t have the advantage of utilizing a weekly column to vent his feelings. Week after week, you dump on the guy. If it were me, I’d be a little (angry), too.

Dan Moran has admitted to replying to Jim’s swearing by threatening to hit him. What a man. What a party dude.

Over 100 people marched to the Star during the Day of Action. About 20 of them were JLS members. It goes to show you that a lot of other people are getting a little sick of your self-righteous editorials.

In conclusion, don’t “shut up and pay the tuition increase.” Rather, speak out and don’t be in the apathetic majority.

John Potwora – freshman pre-communications