NIU student places for second year in NACA paper contest

By Tammy Sholer

For the second year in a row, NIU graduate student Jeff Cufaude has placed in the National Association for Campus Activities’ Prize Papers Competition.

Cufaude won second place and $150 for his paper based on the the book, A Passion for Excellence, and the sequel, In Search for Excellence, Cufaude said. The theme of the paper entailed the five roles leaders can play for organizations, he said.

In addition to winning this year’s competition, Cufuade took first place in the 1985 contest receiving a $250 award, Nancy Walborn, NACA public relations, said.

Walborn said, “The contest was designed to recognize outstanding research in the field of campus activities. The contest is open to anyone, (but) the subject matter of the paper has to be pertinent to the field of campus activities.”

Besides winning the competition, Cufaude presented his leadership roles at the national conference which acts as a training session, he said. The national conference, which is held once a year, will be at NIU next April, said Michelle Emmett, University Programming and Activities associate director.

People also can attend the annual regional conference, which also includes workshops on the different aspects of campus activities, Walborn said.

Even though there is only one subject category, there are three different levels of entry which include undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, and winners receive a cash prize, Walborn said.

The first and second place papers from each level are published in NACA’s yearly magazine, which is distributed to all NACA members, Walborn said. The submission deadline is July 1 of each year, she said.

There were about 40 entries which were judged anonymously by four judges, said Carol Jungman, Campus Activities Board’s president and one of the judges. “There was certain criteria to judge on, which was the only consistency in ruling, (but) the judges were similar in thought,” Jungman said.

“NACA is a network that is a betterment of campus activities,” Emmett said. NACA’s membership consists of more than 1,000 universities and colleges and about 400 associate members, such as entertainment agents and artists, she said.

“Together in the organization all the members work for quality entertainment and education for students,” Emmett said.

Funding for prizes comes from the NACA Educational Foundation whose main purpose is the development and delivery of educational programs, Walborn said.

“This campus is extremely involved with NACA because of the CAB. The biggest advantage of NACA is the ability to buy entertainment at lower costs. This is how we (CAB) get a lot of entertainment to come to NIU, and save students thousands of dollars a year,” Emmett said.

Emmett said, “I am proud of Jeff (Cufaude). He has won two years in a row which sets an outstanding role model for UP&A and for students. I am also pround of Carol (Jungman) who is one of five students in the nation on NACA’s board.”

Jungman said, “I have been involved with NACA for three years through CAB.” She said being on the board she has to work on different projects, such as judging the paper competition.

“Anyone can apply to be on the board, but the more experienced the better,” Jungman said. Applicants are interviewed by the present board. Then, each NACA school has one vote from the names included on a ballot, she said.

“It was neat to be on the board, and I hope it helps me in the future,” Jungman said.