WKDI requires student support

WKDI is presently heard on 93.5 FM through cable transmission. Due to this type of broadcast, WKDI is severely limited in listenership. Currently we reach only about 1,000 students at NIU daily. It is obvious that this system restricts growth of college radio at NIU.

WKDI’s “on-air” proposal, on the other hand, explores methods by which we at WKDI could overcome this weakness and increase our listenership, not to mention increase prestige and respect for NIU. The problem is, however, that WKDI is in desperate need of a transmitter to make the transition from cable to on-air status. Transmitters cost big bucks to purchase and maintain. Presently, WKDI is funded through student fees allocated by the SA. The cost of a transmitter, not to mention the cost of construction and slight internal structural changes, far exceeds an average yearly budget allocation. The money needs to come from another source.

The most feasible alternative for budgeting the changeover involves the implementation of a one-time fee. This fee would pay for the transmitter and all the necessary changes. To run the station for a fiscal year would cost no more than what it does now. We here at WKDI feel that this is the best way to fund our transition.

What is needed now is the elimination of attempts by the administration to challenge our goal. We need the formation of some structurally defined mechanism by which WKDI could begin to change direction, and most of all we need to achieve the alternative funding necessary to put this proposal into action soon. We here at WKDI are more than ready to move on. The ground has been laid. The steps to reach the goal have been taken. We need student support.

Student input on the subject of WKDI’s on-air proposal is desperately needed. Student support is vital. If not for the fact much prestige and respect will be brought to NIU by establishing one of the largest FM-transmitted college radio stations in the nation, the fact that WKDI is a student organization, run by students, for the students should be enough to sway you to support a proposal that can benefit the student community in such a great way.

WKDI welcomes every student, faculty member, administrator an anyone who is interested to join us at our open house on April 7, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll be glad to answer any questions, take any comments, criticisms, and suggestions too. Hope to see you there. Thank you.

Margaret Semmer

business manager