Divesting first step to wipe out racism

In light of recent bouts of racism at the university, the NIU Foundation’s choice to withdraw funds from companies that indirectly support apartheid in South Africa was a wise one. The decision will have far-reaching positive implications in dealing with the problem of racism.

Dick Ubl, foundation executive director, said the group does not know daily where its investments are directed. But some of the money was directed to companies that indirectly condone apartheid. And these funds allowed the South African government to continue its oppression over the blacks in that country.

Fortunately, the foundation had enough insight not to let its financial concerns take precedent over the rights of South African blacks. And through this pull out, and others like it, a clear message is being sent to the rulers in South Africa that the world no longer will tolerate the reign of oppression that is apartheid.

Without money from foreign investors, the oppressive government will have to choose between altering its views or losing its control. More than likely it will choose the first option.

Racism a universal problem —it is not limited to NIU or to South Africa. But each time something is done to reduce its grip in any region, everyone benefits.

So regardless of how small a step the foundation’s action was, it was a step in a positive direction. If other organizations begin to follow the foundation’s lead, the world would be that much closer to ridding itself of racism.