What students can do to prepare for winter weather

By Kyle Mathas

In the next 10 days, the weather in DeKalb could get as low as 23 degrees.

Illinois residents know very well how cold it can get during the wintertime after a record-breaking winter last year. A polar vortex came in from Canada and left the state frozen after setting record low temperatures like 23 degrees below zero, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Although this year’s winter will not nearly be as cold as last winter, there is still a life-threatening risk if someone is not prepared for the harsh weather of the DeKalb winter. Here are some tips that students at NIU should take to prepare themselves for wintertime.

Vehicle Safety

Students should start their cars at least five minutes before they start driving during the winter because the liquid in the engine could freeze and destroy the engine. When driving, be careful on bridges and other roads near ditches because there can be a lot of ice that forms on the roads which could cause the car to slide in the road and lose control.

Also, always bring a coat while driving in your car in the wintertime; if your car breaks down and you have to call a tow truck, it will be a lot better waiting with a coat on then with no coat on. 

Winter Apparel

While walking to class, students should always wear a winter coat and watch out for wind tunnels around the NIU campus. Hypothermia and frostbite are the two leading causes of injury during winter because people are not dressed properly before going outside.

Before leaving for class, students should check the weather outside so they can be well prepared for whatever may be going on outside. Gloves and hats are always good options for students to wear, and boots are a good choice as well so that students can keep their feet dry. For some students who don’t have boots, they should wear socks that can stay dry even in the winter weather. 


While students walk to class, they should be especially mindful of ice on the ground. Students should always be aware of where they are stepping because slipping on ice is a very common way of people getting injured during the winter season. 

Also, if it gets too cold, students should use the NIU bus system that runs through most of DeKalb so they can get to class or other places quickly while staying warm. 

Students should always be mindful of these things to really make winter the most wonderful time of the year.