Students should prepare before registering for classes

By Kyle Mathas

When you think of registering for classes, you may be stressed out and afraid, but not anymore; here are the steps for successfully registering for classes for the spring semester.

Meet with your adviser

Before you enroll, you may want to meet with your adviser because your adviser can help you stay on track to graduate. Your adviser can also help you find out what classes you should sign up for on your enrollment date so that you can successfully take your major classes.

Check for holds

Check if you have any holds on your account, which can delay your enrollment for spring classes. Check for a financial hold, which could be because of an unpaid fee, Title IX hold, which happens when you don’t take the Title IX course before registration, the Student Conduct hold, if you haven’t paid a fine or taken the Title IX training course, Health Services hold, which is when you don’t provide NIU Health Services with an immunization document or an Advising hold, which happens when you don’t meet with your adviser before registration.

Know your enrollment date

You also want to register for classes on your enrollment date because it can increase your chance of getting into needed classes, give you earlier access to financial aid and scholarships and make it easier to stay on track to graduate. There are different enrollment dates for students across campus. The enrollment date for athletes and Honors students is Nov. 4, graduate students can enroll Nov. 5-6 and undergraduate students can enroll Nov. 7-13. 

With the enrollment dates coming up at the beginning of next month, there are some great classes to take along with your major and gen-ed classes. Black Studies explores the African heritage of black people and the continuity of that heritage through the years in the New World. Burmese classes study the unique language that is spoken by only 32 million people in the world. With this knowledge, you should be prepared to enroll for your classes for the spring semester.