That time I… asked a girl out for the first time

By Hunter Weston

The first time I went out of my way to ask a girl out formally was my junior year of high school. My junior year was both my best and worst year of high school. My brother, who had always been at my side, had just moved in with my dad, and I was left to experience high school on my own for the first time.

The first few weeks were great. I reconnected with my best friends from 4th grade whom I hadn’t spoken to since 7th grade. I also made  friends that would become some of my absolute best friends.

Every weekend was filled with partying, drama, hanging out and talking about life. This was a big shift for me, considering my previous two years of high school consisted of chilling at home, watching Netflix and doing homework.  

Skip to junior year and I was back in all regular classes but happier than ever. Then she was there. Just like that. A single moment. It was as if one second she wasn’t there, and then she was. My guess is magic was involved because most people don’t just spontaneously appear.

I sat in an end-row seat in Mr Land’s U.S. history class. One day I simply noticed she was in the parallel seat on the opposite side of the class.

One day our class visited the computer lab. I was at my computer diligently working  and talking with my friend Nick who sat to the left of me. I felt something poke my shoulder from the right, so I turned to see who had poked me.

It was a beautiful girl with dirty blonde hair, fair skin and hazel eyes. She had an accent and a very soft voice as if everything she said was a faint whisper. Her name was Anastasia, and she was a German foreign exchange student. I didn’t know it then, but this girl would change my life.

I’d noticed I had grown fond of her. The day before we went on winter break I made my move. I had just finished the same class’ final that we had met in. She had taken her final in the hallway. I asked to be excused to the restroom so I could have a chance to talk to her. 

At this point, every time I saw her was like the first time, and I froze up. She sat at a desk, looking away from where I was. I walked up slowly, bracing my pride in one hand and my tremendous fear in the other.

I began the conversation casually by asking how she felt she did on her final. She answered back just as casually as I asked her. In my head I thought, alright so far, so good. Then I proceeded to accomplish the task which had haunted me for so long.

I had to play it smooth, however. I asked her if she was ready for Christmas to which she replied, “yeah.” I then asked, “Do you know what would make the absolute best present?” 

She replied, “What?”

The pickup line had landed. Time for the punchline to work it’s magic. Then as smoothly as ever I replied, “If…you would give me your number and go out with me sometime.”

Right away in my head, a stopwatch went off. What felt like an eternity went by until, finally, she laughed so warmly it would melt any man’s heart. 

“Okay, I’d like that,” she said.

I was on cloud nine and had achieved my heart’s desire. The affection of a German goddess was mine.