Weekly “Fighting Game Fridays” to be held at NIU Naperville


Weekly “Fighting Game Fridays” to be held at NIU Naperville

By Northern Star Staff

NIU Naperville will host a weekly video-gaming tournament called “Fighting Game Fridays,” which began on June 21, in the Esports Lab at 1120 E. Diehl Road in Naperville, according to the NIU Events Calendar.

Registration will take place at 6 p.m., one hour before the tournament. Entry into the tournament is $10, comprising a $5 venue fee and a $5 tournament and prize fee.

The first six individuals to bring a console set-up, game of the week included, will have the $5 venue fee waived for the event.

Games will vary each week, and will include titles like “Tekken,” “Street Fighter” and “Dragon Ball FighterZ.”

Participants are expected to obey the NIU Esports Code of Conduct, which, according to NIU Esports’ website, includes the following:

  • No harassment of any kind based on a person’s identity.
  • No toxic behavior, including but not limited to obscene language, bullying, violent threats, stalking and intimidation.
  • No cheating, betting or illegal activity.

Each week’s game will be announced via NIU Esports’ social media, including:

  • Facebook, facebook.com/niuesportsclub
  • Twitter, @EsportsNIU
  • Instagram, @NIUEsportsOfficial

For more information, contact Conner Vagle at cvagle1@niu.edu.