Public comments to close on four policies

By Northern Star Staff

There are four proposed policies up for comment until Sept. 20 on NIU’s policy library website.

The policy library catalogs university policies and allows anyone to comment on proposed changes online. All information is taken from the documents uploaded to the website.

Disclosure of economic interest

This proposed policy would require all members of the Board of Trustees and certain employees of NIU to file two economic interest statements, one to the Illinois Secratary of State and one to the Executive Ethics Commission.

Both statements would be due by May 1 of each year.

The criteria for NIU employees that would have to submit these statements is based on employee supervisory or financial responsibility, such as department heads or contact managers.

The policy has no comments, as of Wednesday.

Policies for online and hybrid courses

This proposed policy lays out a set of policies governing how online and hybrid courses are treated.

The policy has 10 comments, as of Wednesday.

Policy on managing university policies

This proposed policy would ensure all proposed policies make their way through the policy library for public comment.

Proposed policies would be required to pass through the Policy Library Committee. The committee would review and make recommendations to the corresponding policy approval authority, either the Board of Trustees, President or University Council.

The policy has 2 comments, as of Wednesday.

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct policy and complaint procedures

This proposed policy clarifies and restructures the policy relating to Title IX complaint procedures.

Confidential and additional resources would each be given their own section.

“Confidential Resources” describes services available to students, including information for obtaining these services without reporting their incident.

“Additional Resources” describes services available to students required by the Clery Act, such as counseling and legal assistance services.

Definitions of prohibited conduct would be given its own section, where previously they were located at the end of the document.

The policy has one comment, as of Wednesday.