Day 32 — Time to say goodbye: A first-hand account of studying abroad

By Catherine Carter

Hello Huskies! Sadly, today is my last day in England and this is my last blog post. After an early breakfast, the last of the group headed to the airport. We split up after the bus dropped us off, and I was not prepared for the sadness that I would feel leaving these people. Although I’ve only known them for five weeks, we’ve been through it all together and grown close because of it. Before setting foot in England, I didn’t know anyone on this trip and I’m very lucky to say that I have gained such close friends over such a short amount of time. Thank you to everyone on this trip for making it an incredible experience. I hope someday you are lucky enough to study abroad and can meet extraordinary people like I did. As I head off to Italy to continue my adventures, I’m taking with me a new confidence in myself and an awe for the world. This trip has helped me grow in so many ways and discover a new strength. I hope that I have inspired you to study abroad and do the same.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and hearing all about my crazy adventures! Someday, I want to be reading about your international adventures. Have a great year Huskies and thanks for reading!