Day 13 – Jet setting back to England: A first-hand account of studying abroad


modern aircraft

By Catherine Carter

Hello! Today was another early morning, or late night depending on what kind of person you are. We got up at 3 a.m. to head to the Dublin airport for our flight back to England. Most of the day was spent in limbo traveling. But as I was scrolling through my photos trying to decide what to post on Instagram (truly a strenuous decision), I realized how much we were able to pack into less than 48 hours in Dublin. I am so grateful I was able to visit a place where so much of my family came from and really experience the culture. Hopefully I can go back to Ireland and see some more of the countryside, not just Dublin. Next weekend, I’ll be heading off to Paris to join in the culture there! None of my family is from Paris, or has ever visited it for that matter, so I’m excited to explore a new place and make new memories that I’m looking forward to sharing with you!