How to make French toast in a mug

How to make French toast in a mug

By Kennedy Jones


French Toast in a Mug is an easy microwave dish to make in your residence hall or apartment that tastes great. 


Start to finish: 4-5 minutes


1 egg

3 tablespoons of milk


2-3 slices of bread

A microwave safe mug

A mixing bowl

All of the ingredients listed above can be found in any local store costing ten dollars. Start to finish the recipe only takes five minutes and serves one person. 


Tear up at least two pieces of bread and put them into the mug.

Crack one egg into a separate bowl along 3 tablespoons of milk and a amount of cinnamon to your liking, then mix it all together.

Pour the mixture into the mug with the bread. Let the mix soak into the bread for one minute.

Put the mug into the microwave. Begin with one minute, then add ten seconds at a time, depending on how you want it cooked. Don’t exceed two minutes; you don’t want to over-cook the french toast.

Once it’s done cooking, add syrup or any other toppings and enjoy.