Green Day and Pearl Jam among many artists to release exclusive content on Record Store Day


This year’s Record Store Day promises to unveil exclusive content for music lovers including unreleased recordings by Green Day and new content by Foo Fighters.

By Peter Zemeske

Hipsters everywhere rejoice, Record Store Day 2019 is right around the corner with new releases in music stores on April 13. Record Store Day is a day marked to celebrate independent shops around the world selling sweet-sounding vinyl records. Each year on the third Saturday of April, artists from around the globe compile music into one of three types of releases: “RSD limited run / regional focus,” “RSD first” and “RSD exclusive.”

RSD limited runs are releases typically limited to around 1,000 copies or less and won’t be released on other formats. RSD firsts are releases which are only available at participating Record Store Day shops for a while and then will be released widely. RSD exclusives are releases available only on Record Store Day at participating stores.

This year’s list of limited runs, firsts and exclusives is looking as good as ever. The list stretches on for a while, so to save some time here are the top records fans and collectors are looking to get their hands on.

  1. “Live at Easy Street” by Pearl Jam– This year’s RSD Ambassador, Pearl Jam, is reissuing the 2005 surprise concert at Seattle’s Easy Street Records for a limited edition of 6,000 copies.

  2. “Jeepster” and ”Monolith” by Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer– Red Hot Chili Peppers members drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer are covering the 1971 tracks by glam rock band T. Rex, limited to 2,250 copies.

  3. “Everybody Here Hates You” and “Small Talk” by Courtney Barnett– Indie rocker Courtney Barnett is releasing a brand new single, “Everybody Here Hates You,” exclusive to RSD with last year’s “Small Talk” as the B-side, limited to 2,000 copies.

  4. Various tracks by Third Man Records– In true Jack White fashion, the rock mainstay’s label is releasing music on an unusual format: a 3” record. The record comes in a blank package which will contain one of four singles: “Candy Cane Children” by The White Stripes, “Store Bought Bones” by The Raconteurs, “Be Still” by The Dead Weather or “Love Interruption” by Jack White. To play the records, budget turntable manufacturer Crosley is selling a mini turntable for $70 just for Record Store Day. The records will come with a poster and are collectively limited to 2,000 copies.

  5. “Big Me” by Foo Fighters– Rock titan Foo Fighters are hopping on the 3” record train and are releasing the 1995 single, “Big Me,” which is able to be played on the Crosley 3” turntable. The record will come with a poster and is limited to 5,000 copies.

  6. “Stairway to Nick John” by Mastodon– In tribute to heavy metal band Mastodon’s manager who passed away Sept. 2018, the band is covering Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Led Zeppelin was John’s favorite band according to a statement issued by Mastodon collectively. All proceeds will be donated to pancreatic cancer research which caused Nick John’s death. Copies are limited to 1,500.

  7. “Woodstock 1994” by Green Day– Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Green Day is releasing its infamous 1994 performance at Woodstock. The iconic 35 minute set was cut short due to the crowd slinging mud on the stage; the band had to be lifted out of the venue by helicopter. The release is limited to 6,800 copies.

  8. “22° Lunar Halo” and “Variations On Darkness” by Sigur Rós– Icelandic avant-garde band Sigur Rós is releasing two soundtracks for different choreographed dances. “22° Lunar Halo” is for a dance piece of the same name by Taiwanese choreographer Cheng Tsung-lung, premiering in April. “Variations On Darkness” is for a series of performances by the Iceland Dance Company. Both releases are limited to 2,000 copies each.