Your voice matters: Get to the polls!

By Maddie Barrett

Checking your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is something you routinely do, and voting should be too.

On Nov. 6, Illinois is holding general elections for a range of races at the federal, state and local levels. All of Illinois’ executive officers are up for election and Illinois’ 18 seats and 118 seats of Illinois House of Representatives are up for election.

Between 2012 and 2014, the turnout of voters ages 60 and older fell 16 points, and the participation from ages 18 to 29 fell 25 points. In 2014, 16 percent of young voters reported voting, according to a Sept. 18 Washington Post article.

Voting is extremely crucial for everyone, but especially college students. Ferald Bryan, associate professor of rhetoric and public communication, thinks so as well.

“I think it’s absolutely crucial [to vote] because so many things, especially in statewide races, can directly impact the cost they pay for college and whether they get loans or grants,” Bryan said.

Young voters were estimated to have the most potential to influence the 2016 presidential election, but only 50 percent of those voters actually voted, according to the civic youth website.

Although voting is extremely important, some may choose not to vote. Bryan believes this is a real issue among college students.

“It’s a real loss for democracy, they’ve lost their right to have a say in their own government and many local races are decided by a handful of votes,” Bryan said. “Any concerns they have that their vote will not make a difference they need to look at local races. Their votes are important and there are issues that candidates talk about that do directly affect them.”

So get out there, and vote huskie nation. Your opinion matters!