Home Free dazzles crowd at Egyptian Theatre

Parker Otto

DeKALB — A capella group Home Free gave a rousing performance Thursday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., combining country classics with original songs to create a fantastic experience.

As an a capella group, they don’t play instruments but create melodies solely with their voices. A capella is a codependent craft that requires every member to give 110 percent, and that’s precisely what all five members of Home Free accomplished.

Songs like Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway” and Dick Burnett’s “Man of Constant Sorrow” made an appearance, and the audience sang along and clapped as each lyric passed. When the group took on Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” they added tenderness to the song not seen since the Man in Black first covered it in 1963.

Home Free performed songs from their latest album, “Timeless,” released in 2017. Home Free presented an enjoyable concert those who saw the band at the Egyptian less than a year ago and newcomers will love.

The group consists of the beatboxing Adam Rupp, baritone Adam Chance, bass Tim Foust and tenors Austin Brown and Rob Lundquist who all contributed to the homely atmosphere of the event. In one instance, sat down on stools and told stories about performing at The Grand Ole’ Opry in Nashville, TN.

Rupp acted as the percussionist with his impeccable beatboxing, and an entire section of the show was dedicated to him displaying his range. Part of the performance was an homage to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” during which Rupp a sequined jacket. When his portion was over, the audience gave a standing ovation after being amazed by his incredible skills.

Home Free created a wonderful experience that made lifelong country fans and those that have never heard country music before smile.